About Dan Ensminger

Dan Ensminger - Architect

Mr. Ensminger began his career in architecture at Virginia Tech in 1983. He was awarded his Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) degree in 1988. A Virginia native, Mr. Ensminger grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to Richmond after graduation. Prior to forming his own firm in 1996, he worked at Steele and Associates, a well-known Richmond architecture firm.

During his time at Steele and Associates he discovered that his passion and talent for the work was not just the creative and conceptual but also the personal. What distinguishes Mr. Ensminger’s practice is his deep interest in establishing a personal relationship with his clients and remaining fully engaged during the construction process.

Mr. Ensminger’s work has been featured in magazines like Richmond magazine, R-Home,andHouse Trends and his projects are often part of Richmond’s Historic Garden Week tours.


Personal Attention to Preserve the Vision

A custom home is a very personal possession and the process of building one can be maddening or magical. Above all else, clients want two things. First, they want an experienced, trustworthy, accessible guide to help them make the hundreds of decisions that will be required. Second, but more important, clients want to know that the finished project will personify their dreams. By taking on only a few projects at a time, Mr. Ensminger is able to lavish his personal attention upon each project—ensuring that the client’s vision is preserved throughout the process and reflected in the final result.

Architectural Fluency Creates Authenticity

With more than 100 finished projects in and around Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Ensminger’s designs stand graciously in their environments. Regardless of the architectural style, his persistent passion for getting the details exactly right is evident in his work. From a single spot on one Richmond street, you can see the results of his fluency in Mediterranean, Shingle Style, and Mid-Century Modern. On another, you’ll see Georgian, Tudor, and Foursquare. In each style, the home projects its heritage authentically, without artifice.

Architecture and Design for the Entire Project

Rather than build a large office and permanent staff, Mr. Ensminger has spent two decades building long-term relationships with professionals who are subject matter experts in landscape design, lighting design, interior design, and mechanical and electronic systems design. By bringing to the project experts in their fields and personally leading the team, Mr. Ensminger’s clients enjoy two key benefits. First, design team members are top professionals in their own right, and second, each team member is chosen not just by himself, but by the client. The result of this approach is a project in which every aspect is executed with the quality his clients expect.